About Us

Our Vision

To establish ZEINOX as the first company in the production of Stainless Steel Raw Materials in Egypt and Middle East.

ZEINOX is looking forward to emerging and expanding in the fields of importing, manufacturing/trading of metals, and supplying Stainless Steel for industrials companies.

Our Mission

The company would like to establish and maintain a positive reputation within the industrial community.

We are committed to the following:
- Conformance with requirements of Quality Management Systems.
- Developing industrial and commercial constitution maintaining quality of processing due to the required measures.
- Continues improvement for the work environment and industrial technology.
- Fulfillment of our customers’ requirements and predict their anticipations seeking for preserving their satisfaction and loyalty.
- Continues human recourses development to reach physical and moral stabilization to preserve their loyalty and belonging to the company.- Achievement of a suitable profit for shareholders.

- Enlargement of the company’s share in both local and middle east markets.
- Preserve the health and safety of our employments and customers.

- Conformance with lows, specification, internal regulations and governmental decrees related to health and safety.








Stainless steel

Standard and narrow

Stainless steels

Blank and standard

Stainless steel


Stainless steel

Round, Square, And
Hexagonal bars.

Stainless steel

Rectangular and round pipes.

Stainless steel
Colored sheets

Differnt colors of
steel sheets.